Nextcloudpi Upgrade

Hi All

Looking to upgrade my nextcloudPi. I have a good trouble free system running 12.0.3 on nextcloudpi build v0.41.6
In the admin page I am offered the update to NC 12.0.4, when I attempt to do the update I fall at the first fence in that I get an error as shown in the attached.

What am I doing wrong and what is the best upgrade process?

If I remember that past upgrade I did I just backed up my instance, created a new image in my SD card then restored my saved instance? Must be a better way?



Hmm, I googled this recent edit to the NextcloudPi code. As a simple experiment, you could try connecting to your Pi directly and moving / re-naming


to something like .well-known.backup

then try to update your instance. If it breaks just restore the backed up file to it’s original name and location and create a github issue here.

i had the same problem at first try. then i waited for 1 day and did nothing (maybe except for upgrading ncp automatically) and then it worked at 2nd try.

Yes … All good now…