Nextcloudpi Samba

Good evning,

i’m new in nextcloud i installed the Nextcloudpi image on my raspberrypi 3b+.

I will send all data on the hdd but they are to much so I tried samba.
With my main account it works.

Then i make a account for my girlfriend and will also send the data from her mobilephone to nextcloud. But i can’t see a samba for her.
I have ncp-daniel and ncp-ncp how i can get her samba here also?

sorry for my bad english


What do you mean by “But I can’t see a samba for her”? Samba has nothing to do with Nextcloud. Samba operates on local users, which you seem to have one for yourself, but Nextcloud doesn’t. Nextcloud users are not local users and thus they can’t access a Samba share on your server.

To make it simple: don’t mix Nextcloud and Samba, if you really don’t know what you’re doing, or you’re bound to get in trouble with that.

At least read up on how to use Nextcloud with Samba, by configuring Samba as an external storage in Nextcloud.

I can’t see her username i only see ncp-daniel and ncp-ncp

As I said… Samba users are distinct from Nextcloud users… To make matters worste, the whole permissions staff is utterly different, since in Nextcloud all files and folder belong to the systems (RPis) webserver user - in your case: the apache user: www-data. In Samba, the files belong to the local user which logged on to the Samba share.

To successfully make Samba and Nextcloud work together, you’ll have to know both systems, which you - pardon me - don’t seem to have. I’d suggest to step away from Samba and first try a pure Nextcloud setup. The inital data transfer may be longer, but afterwards it’s only the sync itself.

Try webdav as a samba alternative, this is a share that can also be reached from outside your network and has all the advantages of a samba share. Also the nextcloud database is aware of the files transfefed via webdav and you dont have to rescan the filesystem after a transfer.

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