Nextcloudpi - restore to x86/x64 from ARM?

Hi, I’ve been using the nextcloudpi docker appliance on a raspberry pi. I’m about to try to upgrade to a new X64 machine and was wondering how well that works. Nextcloudpi has a bunch of add-ons installed by default and includes a nifty backup option that I’m not sure is standard or a collection of things bolted together. I’m assuming it’s just what’s needed to recreated the database as well as the data itself (optional), but I don’t exactly know how docker works - would there be a problem with going from ARM to x86/x64?

Also, while I’m at it, does anyone know what the suggested installs are for nextcloudpi? I see a curl command or an x86 docker install option available. I’m not sure if the curl install is feature parity nor exactly what it does (is it containerizing anything?).

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I would like to know this,too. Thanks for your question!