Nextcloudpi Raspberry 3 to 4

Good evening,

I am currently running a Raspberry 3+ b and thinking about getting a 4re.

To my questions,

Does it make sense, speaking in terms of performance, do you notice something there?

If it makes sense, how is it best to get the whole nextcloudpi instance on the new RPi Speak settings and data?

Thanks in advance

Nobody a answer?

I recently upgraded from Raspberry Pi 3 to 4. I think it definitely is worth it, from a performance point of view. I have the Pi 4 with 4GB RAM and a 500GB SSD attached.
They way I did it was first to ensure NextcloudPi is completely updated (i had to wait for the Buster upgrade). Then it was just a matter of moving the SD card and the external USB drive to the Pi 4, connect the network cable, and boot.

Thank you for your answere.

Are your user and data and shares at the new pi the same.
And how you make the backup and restore?

What do you think about the performance? How much faster is nextcloudpi 4.

Yes, the complete setup remains the same: users, data, shares …
I did a backup before migrating with ncp-config, and I do regular backups through ncp-config

I have not done any specific performance measurement. But the processor is faster, 4GB RAM helps a lot, USB 3.0 for my external SSD is fast. And the gigabit ethernet is now separated from the USB controller, which of course makes data flow much faster.

The Pi 4 is really a server machine. I got an open enclosure with a small fan, because it would get hot otherwise.

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Short last question do you make nc-backup and nc-export-ncp at the pi 3 and in the pi4 you make nc-restore and nc-import-ncp and this work?

I did a backup of everything just for safety, naturally.
But the actual migration was:

  1. Ensure everything is updated on Pi3, including Raspbian
  2. Shutdown system Pi3 (sudo shutdown now)
  3. Move SD card and USB disk to Pi4
  4. Power on Pi4
  5. Enjoy new faster machine!

May I know the writing and reading speed of your setup?

I run the Nextcloud on RPi 4b, too. However I found the writing speed is less than 2 MB/s on the same router with my mac, which is quite slow.


Absolutely worth the upgrade just to get the network speed!

Running headless? 2GB is more than enough - I run NC, pi-hole, apache, postfix/dovecot.

I have not really measured reading/writing speeds, since it has not been an issue. My RPi4 4GB has the NCPi data and cache on an USB 3.0 attached SSD, and the connection is gigabit ethernet to router.

I do know that the reading speed from the SSD is about 200MB/s :

sudo hdparm -t /dev/sda
Timing buffered disk reads: 632 MB in 3.00 seconds = 210.38 MB/sec

Waiting for the stable Raspberry OS and firmware updates that will enable booting directly from the SSD and bypassing the SD card entirely. Maybe in a month.