[NextCloudPi] ownyourbits/nextcloudpi-x86 latest docker setup issues


I am trying to migrate my existing Nextcloud setup to docker running on my QNAP Nas with its ContainerStation.
I downloaded latest ownyourbits/nextcloudpi-x86 from DockerHub
I assigned a fixed IP to the docker and setup the /data directory directly do a directory on the NAS
The container boots up, I can activate it and directories are being created in the /data directory which I see on the NAS directly.
I can creat backups from the Admin Panel BUT the Nextcloud sticks with “Initializing …”
I have no clue why and how I can resolve this.

Another issue I have is to provde the “trusted host”, not yet an issue but it is getting as soon as I put this productive because QNAP ContainerStation does not allow me to push values without variable names via the GUI. Every environment variable needs a name and a value which for IP/DOMAIN seems not the case.

Thanks for helping me out

created a ticket as well

it can take a few minutes to finish initializing. You need to wait until you see “NC init done” in the docker logs for the container

regarding trusted domains, those are passed as a parameter to docker run (see instructions on wiki and ownyourbits)

I waited for around 2 hours but it never finished initializing, but I gonna try setting things up once again and report.

About the “domain” parameter, I just looked at
https://hub.docker.com/r/ownyourbits/nextcloudpi-x86/ and there the domain is $domain which should get replaced with a value, but this is not supported by the GUI I am using, there I would need an ENV variable like domain which I can assign a value.
Like pi-hole or nextcloud ist doing it (https://hub.docker.com/r/diginc/pi-hole/ or https://hub.docker.com/_/nextcloud/)

I cannot find anything on the wiki concerning this, but perhaps I am just too stupid to find it :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help so far, here and on github :slight_smile:

definitely less than 5 minutes… it would be helpful to get the logs from the container to see what’s going on. There’s many many users and this is the first report about this… so I am pretty sure that works.

Using an ENV would be interesting, why don’t you open a request for this on GH? How familiar are you with building docker images?

no worries, thanks for the good feedback

Ok, I start testing this again.
Grab some logs along the road :slight_smile:

And about the docker thing, I am learning by doing, I am new to lots of things but I can try figuring things out - but could take some time.

I report back as soon as I have something to report :smiley:

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Did you make any progress?
I’m stuck at “initializing”. Seems to be related to the host machine. The startup error “Starting redis-server: /etc/init.d/redis-server: 58: ulimit: error setting limit (Operation not permitted)” doesn’t occur on my local machine.

Why is the repo ownyourbits/nextcloudplus-x86 not working anymore?


Thank you. The problem was my host machine. Now I use a different OS.
Just wondered because you announced nextcloudplus as new name but apparently you made a step back again namewise.

Yes, that was confusing. The reason is that the Nextcloud people didn’t approve of the change, so we switched back to the old name.

They were nice enough to let us use the Nextcloud name in our project, as NextCloudPi (not NextClodPlus)

I have moved to a “physical” machine installing the nextcloudpi via script. which works flawless and until that physical machine is not breaking, I am not moving to docker.