NextcloudPi on Nano Pi Neo 2

I’ve got a NanoPi Neo 2 (with an Allwinner H5), not an OrangePi (which often have H2’s and H3’s). Furthermore, my NanoPi is in production (Openmediavault) so I can’t spare it for testing.

I pretty much crawled over broken glass to learn that the NanoPi Neo 2 is decently suited to serving SMB and FTP (where the network filesystem performance is passable, and I define passable as >= 20 MB/sec sustained in virtually all uses), but not really DAV, where the network filesystem performance was rather painful.

After that long experiment, I say that the extra cost to buy, say, a LattePanda over any non-USB-3.0, or non-SATA SBC is worth it for the big performance boost you’ll get, in filesystem performance.

Yes, the Lattepandas are quite a bit more money, but you avoid many strange ARM-specific bugs by staying on AMD64. That hassle avoidance is worth spending extra for, in my books.

Having said that, @nachoparker, you’re like my hero, please keep up the awesome work. I would suggest you concentrate your firepower on SBCs that at least have USB 3.0 or SATA, plus GbE, where 40MB/sec sustained is realistic (raw filesystem performance, at least), which any server with any muscle to speak of, ought to deliver.

My NanoPi Neo 2 fits my use case just barely: a very small office with rather light fileserver traffic.

I would furthermore suggest that if a highly valuable person like @Nachoparker merely announces publicly that he would like to develop for SBC’s X, Y, and Z, I think it would make very good business sense for those SBC makers to take immediate notice and pretty much peel rubber to get those boards into the Post Office box of his choosing, sent Express, with all the accessories possible included, free of charge. The extra customers buying those boards specifically to install Nextcloud from a highly-convenient image (in Etcher) would easily recoup those costs.

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