Nextcloudpi on amd64

I used nearly 2 years long Nextcluodpi on a Raspberrypi 4. Now I want to use ncp on a minipc with Intel i3.
While there have been very good installation instructions for the Rp4 for years, they are missing for the special conditions on amd64.
My installation:
Debian11 + ncpi on NVMe, for data: /sda1 with Btrfs and for backups /media/USBdrive/.
What should I specify the paths for the settings for data and backups?
I am grateful for your help!

I’m not sure if I understand your question.
You want to install ncp on a Debian 11 system (drive1).
Data should be on a second disk (drive2) and backups on the given path on a third disk (drive3)
Am I right?

Whats the difference in a Debian based OS on a raspberry?
Mount drive2 in your OS. Move data to disk2.

Mount disk3 with automount at the path you want and backup to disk3

@REPERSbattlecry, you have realized my intention. But the installation is already finished. The test with backup and restore was already important. There were problems for me, which is why I must have set everything correctly before moving to this server.
(My first attempt to install on the Debian server and the routine with #curl … was only successful when I installed bash-completion.)
On the RP4, I can very easily use the wizard to specify a USB HD for storing the data. The wizard only works with USB. On amd64 I have to do it by hand. For this I need more knowledge to make no mistakes.

  • I set data directory to /sda1.
  • The Database directory is /var/lib/mysql
  • The Destination directory for “Backup this NC instance to a file” is /media/USBdrive/
  • Under “Restore a previously backuped NC instance” I have changed the original setting. Is this now in competition with the icon “Backups and Snapshots”?

The right paths are important for the function of the backup. This did not function in my test yesterday. The icon “Backups and snapshots” does not come to an end.

Does it play a role if I created the directories under btrfs with mkdir?

(Curl installer - Debian)

The filesystem shouldn’t matter in that case.

Of course if you want to modify your system in a way it wasn’t meant to be you have to do manual changes.

About the backup. Has your nextcloud user www-data the permission to read/write on your backup path?

Isn’t it around MYSQL? Because I let the curl-installer do its works I didn’t care about it.

This has nothing to to with SQL.

You want to mount a drive which you want to use for backup.
Therfore you create a folder on you server and tell your OS to mount the drive to that folder.
Now you have a (Nextcloud)system with a further drive attached to it (doesn’t matter if its internal or external).
Now you want to write into that newly created folder/mount point. Therefore you have to be sure the user which does that action has the permission to do it.
In your case this should be done in the terminal (or with SSH).

But all this is no Nextcloud / ncp specific stuff so you can always use any search engine and will find a lot tutorials.