Nextcloudpi not booting on Pi4

I have a Problem. I am running Nextcloudpi just fine on an old Raspberry Pi 3. I just got a new Raspberry Pi 4 (with 4gb RAM) and thought i just put the SD Card from the old Pi into the Rpi4 but it doesn’t boot.

I am running the latest NCP version v1.15.3 and did an successfull ncp-dist-upgrade to bunker. Still got a blank black screen when i put the SD card into the Rpi4. No Rainbow Splash screen or anything.

The Rpi4 works, i loaded the latest raspbian on an spare sd card and it boots up.

Maybe someone has a clue why it doesn’t work. Thanks in advance!

There are others reporting boot problems when trying to boot rpi4 with sdcard from rpi2&3. Maybe look for solution here
The latest ncp image has been reported to work on rpi4, so you can always do a clean install and import backups from there.

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