NextcloudPi + Nginx Proxy Manage configuration How to

*This is not a help request. *
Here I want to share how I configured my NCP and NGINX PM:


  • I have a raspberry pi with only Nextcloud on it (not in docker)
  • I installed Nginx PM on a separate Pi in a docker
  • I added a Proxy Host with the same domain I had it set in the Nextcloud config
  • The proxy host is set with the domain to be forwarded to the intenal LAN IP with scheme https on port 443. Blocked common exploits and websockets support checked.
  • Added SSL support with letsencrypt, force SSL and HTTP/2 checked.
  • Added proxy_hide_header Upgrade; in the Proxy Host Custom Nginx Configuration to solve the Iphone issue (iphone could not connect to nextcloud without this line).
  • No changes at all in the previewsly configured Nextcloud.
  • For some reason, when adding Trusted proxies on NCP, I lost ability to connect to my nextcloud. Works better without trasted proxies
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