NextcloudPi: Nextcloud page unreachable one day after upgrade of NextcloudPi to a new version

Since several month NextcloudPi crashes after an update from one version to another. When the update is done NextcloudPi and Nextcloud seem to work fine. But approximately one day later the page of Nextcloud is unreachable. Rebooting or shutting down and booting the RaspberryPi again doesn’t help. My Pi doesn’t boot completely. So I can’t log in to Nextcloud.
I already had to reinstall NextcloudPi several times and that every time with a new version. After installing it with a new version the system worked fine again. The problem appears only after an update. As NextcloudPi crashed a few days before I stopped using this system. I’m going to wait for several month hoping this problem will be solved soon. Now I’m using Nextcloud hosted by a provider.

Which update method are you using?

RPI is not the most suitable hardware to host NC

I use Putty with Debian and “sudo ncp-update”. Hardware: Raspberry Pi 2 Model B. I used NextcloudPi for a long time, especially when the system was called NextCloudPi, then NextCloudPlus and now NextCloudPi again, if I remember well. In former times I’ve never had such problems what makes me confused. I love NextcloudPi so much!

Only updates NCP to latest version.

NC can be updated in several ways, quote from staying up to date in docs

there are 3 separate things that need updates;
The OperatingSystem (Debian/Raspbian), use unattended-upgrades
Nextcloud, use nc-autoupdate-nc
NextCloudPi, use nc-autoupdate-ncp
It is highly recommended to use these tools, other methods, including NC’s native updater, may or may not work, use at your own risk.

Ok. I will try it again and report. Thanks!

If I choose a Rock64: Is there a special instruction for configuration? I didn’t find anything reading the wiki.