NextcloudPi - New Installation with HDD from Old Installation

Hi Everyone,

I recently reinstalled a fresh copy of NextcloudPi on a new SD card, and get everything up and running via ncp-config. I’m using a USB hard disk that I used on my previous installation, which has about 120GB of data already synced via Nextcloud to the drive (from my previous installation).

The disk is mounted correctly and Nextcloud is setup to use as the main data directory. I ran nc-fix-permissions just to be sure. My plan was to create the user as it was before, login via the desktop app and hopefully have Nextcloud scan the data on the drive and see that it was already synchronised. Unfortunately, it ignores the data and proceeds to upload all the data again from scratch. I could just format the drive again and re-sync, but it would take some time.

Any way to resolve this?

so you don’t have a backup from nc-backup?

I was having problems with the old installation / configuration, so I didn’t do a backup. I wanted to start from fresh, hoping that if I used the untouched HDD from the last install, all the data would still be there (which it is, but not being recognised).

i had the same… and reinstalled said backup. and it worked like a charme… but yeah…

as the database seems to be absent how else would your NC get to know about the files that are present on your hdd…? i mean rather than re-uploading it again?

for me it just sounds locigal that it tries to upload all data again.

but maybe there’s a different solution that i don’t know of.

good luck

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  • Re-create user(s).
  • Check in config.php that value of ‘datadirectory’ is pointing to correct location, then run:
  • nc-fix-permissions
  • nc-scan
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Thanks, I tried this but no joy.

I’m just going to sync again and stop worrying.


Can you share output of

sudo ncp-report

post to and link here please.