NextCloudPi - Need help completing upgrade [Fixed - Solution inside]


I think I pressed the wrong thing when upgrading and now when I go to [localIP]/nextcloud I get a 404 not found message.

Full information
I was going through the upgrade process ealier today for NextCloud Pi

I was on a very old version 16.0.x

I up graded a couple of time to 17.0.x and 18.0.x

On the last upgrade I performed I think I may have clicked the wrong button.

Instead of selecting to go to the web interface to complete the install i think I clicked the finish at command line.

The problem that I need help fixing
Now when I go to my web browser and go to [localIP]/nextcloud I get a 404 not found message.

I am still able to log into the back end.

Please could someone help me get my NextCloud back up and running?

If you need more details about anything please ask and I will reply.

How I fixed this

I found that by navigating to the local IP of the computer running the NextCloudPi I was able to start the installation process for the NextCloud

Underneath the upgrade button was the text "To avoid timeouts with larger installations, you can instead run the following command from your installation directory:

./occ upgrade"