[NextCloudPi] moving data directory

Will NCP’s “data directory” command actually MOVE an existing data directory, or will it simply change the original default location to a new place (i.e., a “one time only” operation)? My storage location is on an external USB flash drive, which is beginning to show signs of failure, so I need to move everything to a new drive ASAP.

Answer: Yes. Yes, it does move the datadir from wherever it is to a new place.

In the absence of any responses, I held my breath and did the deed. Happy to report success. Now to contact Lexar and see if they will honor their warranty… :fearful:

Good for you.

I have been away for several days…

Actually the feature copies the data, as you can see here

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Is NC-Datadir still a thing? Can’t find it in the menu…

You will find nc-datadir in ncp-config or ncp-web under CONFIG

Thank you! I noticed that the config it’s a bit limited in the docker-container - in which I operate right now. Any way to change it within the docker container? I imported a backup where it was at /media/USBdrive/ncdata previously.
I mean I could direct the /media/USBdrive/ncdata to my physical drive when I start the docker image, but it just looks weird when I see it in the web-interface…

Sorry, had not realized you’re using docker.
Still, you can mount it with the -v volume option, when creating the container, as in wiki example and use:

-v /media/USBdrive/ncdata:/data

When creating and then: Either import the db or re-create the same users and run nc-scan to rebuild db.

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