Nextcloudpi login and standard password


at first sorry for my bad english.

After install nextcoud on a sd card, i started my raspberry p. after the boot process, the pi want a nextcloudpi login an password from me.

But I doin’t know the log in. Can you help me please.

Thank you.

Hi Wayne_Train,
pasword should be “raspberry” per default without ".
So long soyo

Hey soyo,

And what is the login name?


Hey Wayne,

the login name is “pi”.


Thank you guys. it works!

Hi, I’m a newbie to NC.
After a bit of research/reading I decided to go with NC Pi. I followed the the info here & completed VM install on Proxmox using the NextCloudPi_VM_10-10-21 img. All went well, except I cant login to the web panel using the default UN & PW that I have found here eg. UN: pi PW: raspberry

Thanks in advance

It is also in NCP’s FAQ

Sorry i do not use Proxmox. But i think you also can use e.g. an Ubuntu VM and install Nextcloud there.

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Hi OliverV, I had seen that thanks.
My install is opt 2 " Create a VM and use the official [ncp-VM image]"
When I boot it for the first time, there is no config options, it goes to login shell & web login is also working but not with the default PW UN pi rasberry

Not tested. But i think you must activate ssh if you want to use it. Read this

Thanks, but pw & UN suggested there does not work for me either.

Afaik, In a Proxmox VM the username will be root, with pw set at creation in the Proxmox webUI.

User root password vagrant for the VM. SSH is disabled by default, you can enable it through ncp-web

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Thanks guys - nachoparker supplied the goods that worked. I could not find that anywhere ? perhaps it can be added to the ncp vm tutorial


Thanks, but not in this case, as its full VM running off the NCP supplied disk image.