NextcloudPi: Install on Debian Stretch + Kernel upgrade via Backport = in which order to execute?

Dear fellow NCP users,

I am preparing the move of my Nextcloud installation from the RaspberryPi to an AMD64 machine. I want to use the curl method to install NCP after I have installed Debian Stretch from CD and doing the latest upgrades.

Debian Strech still uses the linux kernel version 4.9.0-8-amd64. This is quite old. And as I found out, the NCP Web Panel does not work properly with a Linux kernel this old.

So, besides the installation of NextcloudPi, I would like to do an upgrade of the Linux kernel via backport. And here comes my question: What is the best order to install NextcloudPi and backport kernel upgrade?

Is it A):

  1. Installation Debian Stretch with upgrades
  2. Backport kernel upgrade
  3. Installation of NCP via curl

or should I do it the other way around B):

  1. Installation Debian Stretch with upgrades
  2. Installation of NCP via curl
  3. Backport kernel upgrade

Any suggestions are highly appreciated.


I highly doubt that this is the case. ncp-web is entirely a userspace app that doesn’t rely on any exotic kernel feature

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I run NC 15.0.2 without any issues on a Debian Stretch (9.6) server.

Okay, I simplified the issue. I should have written: NCP Web Panel for an NCP installation on Stretch 9.6 in an Oracle VirtualBox VM did not work properly until I upgraded the kernel via backport (with all the additional enhancement, which came with it).

But: In which order is the installation of NCP and Stretch kernel backport now best? Or doesn’t it matter?