[NextCloudPi] index.php/login Issue

Hi everyone, I currently have my NextCloud server up and running. I can login to it to modify settings, but when I try and access it from index.php/login, I have no idea what credentials it’s looking for? Is this an account I’ve already configured? Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

Where did you get your server? Is this a Nextcloud Box? I dont know, normally you set up an admin account youself. If thats an appliance, there may be a standard Password configured. You may look up for it, where you got it in the first place.
Or: login via ssh and reset the PW for the Admin User via occ command.

It’s a raspberry Pi that has a version of NextCloudPi installed on it. I have documented all the accounts I’ve set up, I can SSH into the server, I can log into it from its IP and pull up the NextCloud web UI, which I can also log into. (picture below)

I’m able to go into the nextcloud directory under var/www so I’m hoping maybe theres somewhere in there that I can find or reset a password?

I got it figured out. I’m sorry, wan’t quite thinking it all the way through. I finally got logged in!!

Thank you Ascendancer