Nextcloudpi hard disk change

Hello all,
I have just one question. I have set up Nextcloud via NextcloudPi a while ago. Among other things, I used the wizard and did it according to this video:
I also have an external hard drive attached to it as shown in the video, I think it also has folders from ncdata in it.
Now I would like to take a larger hard drive for the data, how do I change the hard drive? Is that possible at all?
Thanks for the help and many greetings

I dont know this video or it’s maker. And it’s in German. …
You provide no info of you hardware or current config. (ncp-report)

You can use the ncp backup and restore apps.
Make backup without data
I’d use rsync to copy the data from one drive to the other on a Linux (Live) Pc or Laptop.
Manually mount the the new drive, edit NC’s config to point to it, run nc-scan.

Thank you for the eager reply.
I have a Raspberry Pi 4 with 8GB Ram and the Nextcloudpi image.
In the video it is explained that the data is moved to the external hard drive.
The data is all backed up on my PC, the only question is whether I then have to reconfigure the Nextcloud?