NextcloudPI for Odroid M1: please make an out-of-the-box image

I would like to setup an own NextcloudPi on a SoC. After having read many documentations, specs and so on I would prefer an Odroid M1 from Hardkernel (

Unfortunately there鈥檚 no out-of-the box image for this modern, feature-rich SoC (but for other Odroid devices, of which a part will reach their EoL; cf. ([Releases 路 nextcloud/nextcloudpi 路 GitHub]Releases 路 nextcloud/nextcloudpi 路 GitHub)).

I confess: I鈥檓 a total newbie to set up an own cloud on a linux based system and I would be very happy to have a ready made image. But I鈥檓 sure many other would be happy to have a professional image for this modern SoC.