NextcloudPI Error Creating Lets Encrypt Certificate

Good evening everyone,

I installed the latest version of NextcloudPi on my Raspberry Pi4 8GB today. Everything went well so far. I was also able to set up DuckDNS quickly and without any problems.
When creating a Lets Encrypt certificate, everything worked fine so far, it said it had created and saved the certificate. But there is always the error:

"Setup notify_push (attempt 1/5)
redis is configured
x can’t connect to push server: cURL error 28: Connection timed out after 30001
milliseconds (see libcurl - Error Codes) for
It does the whole thing 5 times and then the page reloads and it says at the top:
“Something went wrong. Try refreshing the page”

It seems to have stored the certificate, but I’m still wondering what went wrong, whether I can have restrictions or security vulnerabilities as a result?

Even after restarting the RasperryPi and running it again, the picture is exactly the same. Otherwise, everything seems to be running smoothly.

I would be very happy about help :slight_smile:
Best regards and have a nice evening!

PS: Do you have to leave port 80 open after the certificate generation, actually 443 is enough, right?

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