Nextcloudpi Encrypt

I think I have a bug to encrypt my data, the option is checked but nothing is encrypted, do you also have the problem?

Hi @ab33

How did you check if your files are encrypted. Or to put it another way, why do you think the encrypton is not working?

when I go to the server directory where my files are, nothing is encrypted

Note that only files created or uploaded after the encryption has been activated are gonna be encrypted. Also note that only the content of the files is gonna be encrypted. File and folder names remain always clear text. The easiest way to test whether the encryption works, is to create a new text / markdown file directly in the Nextcloud web UI with some text in it, and then open it on the server with nano. If the encryption is working, the content of the file should look something like this…


If it really doesn’t work, we would need more information about your system and your installation to be able to help…