NextCloudPi documentation server fails to load, 502 error

I have downloaded the ncp image for the Raspberry Pi, and would like to follow installation and configuration steps with it, however when I try to access the documentation server at I get Loading… but it never loads (and in the browser inspector it shows that there has been a 502 error, which is likely a system configuration error or similar).

Is there an alternate documentation repository that I can view for installation and configuration guidance, or, failing that, is this the proper place to alert the maintainers of the ncp documentation server of this error?

I saw this thread about being down, which possibly is due to the same problem that I am experiencing here:

I did try a cache clear and hard reload, in case it was just a case of a cached DNS entry following a server change, but that did not help.

See my answer here:

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OK - the starter documentation that looks most promising is in at least these three forum posts:

FYI - same issue as described here NextcloudPi: Documentation site is not working?

Thanks - I’m new to this community site and still figuring my way around (looks like that post was made before mine, but in a different subforum).