NextCloudPi docker; Is there no wizard?


I installed nextcloudPi using the docker image, as suggested here

I was told that NCP provides a post-installation wizard. Does the docker image not have that?

Unfortunatedly the wizard has not been ported to the docker container. Some features don’t make sense to be run from a docker container, such as mounting USB drives.

If anybody is up to help on this task it would be much appreciated.

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@nachoparker, thanks for replying.

Why don’t “mounting USB drives” make sense in docker containers?

Also, it seems like docker images are not the main focus of NextCloudPi. The NCP image seems to be essentially an alternative to installing an OS, in the sense that if I run it, I cannot easily install anything else. Am I right in stating this?

I’m running Ubuntu mate on the PI and would like to easily install NextCloud, without having to spend tons of times tinkering and configuring stuff. NCP seemed to be a good option, but I also use the RPI for other stuff so I can’t install the NCP image. Docker seems to be a bit behind. Is there any good alternative? An installation script that does everything automatically?

curl -sSL | bash

Here is the one line installer. You might want to research docker since it container-izes Nextcloud in a way you might not want. NCP is just Debian with Nextcloud LAMP stack installed + nextcloudpi-config tool (also available as ncp-web). It’s design is very simple, which is why it is available in many forms and supports any standard architecture. Any debian based linux distro (sometimes referred to as an OS) should work fine.

Quick thought: Raspberry Pi works, but almost any tower computer will run Nextcloud notably faster as a server. Pi’s are not known for being able to run a lot of simultaneous apps + lamp stack. I’d recommend at leasthosting Nextcloud on it’s own Pi device to avoid slow down.

@just, thanks for the reply. So the debian 9 script works for ubuntu mate arm version?

The PI is almost solely to use for nextcloud, but there are some other stuff I might want to use, such as a good feed reader and other small stuff. It should be enough.

Yes, if you are running Ubuntu on the pi and want to save time, either install everything on top of the NCP image or use the docker container, which works fine but it doesn’t do a couple things that don’t belong to a container to do.

I mean, just try it. It will be faster than typing here :wink:

IP= # your pi's IP
docker run -d -p 4443:4443 -p 443:443 -p 80:80 -v ncdata:/data --name nextcloudpi ownyourbits/nextcloudpi-armhf $IP

@just thanks for the info, the installer has not been tested towards Ubuntu and won’t let you install because it detects wether it is running on Debian 9.

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btw, Nextcloud News… I love that feed reader :wink:

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@nachoparker, thanks for the reply, again!

NextCloud news works, but there’s a few stuff that’s missing. For example a preview window and a dark theme, though the later should be available as a .css somewhere on the internet. It’s also missing automatic finding the rss feed from a normal link. And you can’t edit feeds, only rename.

Regarding the docker container, in order to use the PI on an external drive, one would have to move the docker image to said drive, right? It can’t be done in the settings of the NCP, can it?

Also, I read somewhere that NCP has now support for freedns.afraid, though I couldn’t see it in the ncp-web (or whatever it’s called, the helper that’s available in the docker image). I did see other DDNS services there, but not freedns.afraid. Am I blind or is it really not there?

You can see the instructions in to move the containers to an external drive.

Some DDNS providers require a bit of adaptation to docker, so that needs to be done. There are other options that work, such as no-ip.

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