NextcloudPI Docker container still asks for activation even after restore

Is there a way to automate the Activation page of the NextcloudPI-X86 Docker container ?

NCP still asks for the Activation after deploying a new container, even when restoring from a backup with ncp-restore.

I didn´t find any “ncc” command to get over the activation page.

Any ideas ?


The whole idea is to force the user to get a random password, so this cannot be skipped.

It can be automated though, you can use the activation test

, which will store the random passwords on a text file.

I agree to the force random password, but let´s assume I want to move my data to another docker host. I deploy the new container and then I use ncp-restore with docker exec.

Of course the restore contains NOT the default passwords, but the activation page is still showing up. Is it enough to call the two commands from ?

activate NCP

a2ensite ncp nextcloud
a2dissite ncp-activation

Moreover I think showing up the activation page at an early stage is a potential security issue for docker deployments in public areas. As soon as you run the docker compose command, Apache is up with the activation page, but the rest of the init takes a while, depending on your docker host. Since the public ip of your docker host is added to the trusted domains, there is enough time for one to get the random generated passwords.

Wouldn´t it be nice to have an option in the docker-compose.yaml to “secure” the deployment until a docker exec command to change the initial passwords is called ? Just an idea…

The idea is to activate and then restore, you can automate activation with that python script, or with nc-passwd + nc-admin.

Nextcloud is not operative until the activation ends. Also no public IP is added unless you add it yourself.

That been said, there are lots of possible improvements, so contributions are very welcome.