NextcloudPI Docker - Automount External USB

I’m running an Odroid HC1 and originally had NextcloudPI running directly from an Image I installed. I’ve since moved to Ubuntu and trying to setup a NextcloudPI docker container. I have two harddrives connected, one was connected via SATA (Datadir) and I have a second one connected via external USB (Backups). NextcloudPI Webui keeps refering to NC-Automount but I cannot find that anywhere and I have no idea how to reference by two drives through the Docker container. I dont want to format either drive as I’m hoping to use my backups to restore my previous setup but in a docker container.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


nc-automount is, one of the ncp-apps, not available in the ncp docker image.

You will have to use fstab to mount the drives to your system.
And use -v option to make them available to the docker container.

You will find (basic) instructions in ncp documentation.

Thats what I thought. I just dont know enough about Docker setups to go this route I think. I was using the Odroid image before and it was pretty much idiot proof which is good for me. Thank you.