Nextcloudpi crashes my Router

So I set up Nextcloudpi on my Raspberry 3. Everything is working fine and I can even access it from the outside of my network but I can barely use it because it’s no fun.

When I use the Desktop Mac client to upload or download stuff to my Nextcloudpi which is connected to my HDD, my Router begins to restart and it loses the WiFi connection. I have to wait like 5 minutes until my Router is back up. Dunno what causes the issue and maybe you guys have an idea what’s wrong. I would really love using this solution for my files instead of Microsoft and other services but I can’t if my network crashes every time I use the client to upload or download (even small files).

These are issues with your network setup. Very likely you need a new router if it is randomly restarting, or it might need a stability firmware upgrade. Just unclear on how you’ve set this up.

What kind of router? This multi-minute restart makes no sense and is certainly particular to your case. Bummer. People will need explicit details on how you set this up in order to advise.