Nextcloudpi cant open ssh

Hi today i installed nextcloudpi at all was working great until i try to open an ssh it asks me to change the password and when i change it putty closes and i can’t login anymore except by modifying via the nextcloud page

same here!

try with docker

Raspian OS doesn’t allow user pi for some things any more iirc…
So check out if you are able to log in with a different user please.

but i can’t connect ssh so i can’t create another user

So please post all necessary info for your issue. It doesn’t make sense to get one small piece of information after another.

What kind of system do you use? RPI, VM, VPS?
Do you have physical accessntonyour device?
What image did you use and how did you get it on your machine?

rpi lite 32bit
sd card 16go sandisk
ethernet cable

So you have physical access to the device. Connect it to a monitor and test / create another user and test ssh again.
As well check if you followed all the reccmendations here: How to enable SSH using ncp-config or ncp-web

same error with physical access