Nextcloudpi btrfs snapshot folder


I want to change the folder to which NCP saves the btrfs snapshots to some arbitrary subvolume on the same btrfs volume. The only way to do that seems to manually change the destination in /etc/cron.hourly/btrfs-snp from …/ncp-snapshots to something else. However, I’m concerned that this won’t persist after some future update.
Is there a better way?

You can not change the path for the initial (read-only) snapshots.
This is actually the build-in way btrfs snapshots works, it is not something defined by ncp, however you can define any path you want to sync the snaphots to, using nc-snapshot-sync.

Thanks for your answer.

Right, the way btrfs snapshots work is btrfs sub snap -r source dest, with dest defined as ../ncp-snapshots in /etc/cron.hourly/btrfs-snp, which in turn is defined by /usr/local/bin/ncp/BACKUP/ Thus it’s defined by ncp. I don’t see a clear reason why dest shouldn’t be user-defined.
I ended up moving /etc/cron.hourly/btrfs-snp, editing the destination and disabling automatic snapshots in nc-snapshot-auto.