NextcloudPI boot from hdd only

Hi @nachoparker ! You asked in the wiki to report if someone tries to boot their raspberrypi nextcloudpi without sd card. And I did it. I bought a second raspberrypi (3b+) for this project. Hooked up a 2TB westerndigital hdd. Everything worked like a charm. But my question is it possible to limit how often the hdd spins up. I only use it with my wife and in day to day use only sync calendars. Nextcloud system monitor shows only 270MB used. Would it be possible to order nextcloud to take everything it needs to the ram including only our databases? So at nights etc the Hdd would not spin 24/7

I would imagine 1gig would be enough for a distro with no GUI?


Thanks for letting us know

1GB for NCPi, won’t be enough

Look up hdparm to control HDD spinning

how much would be enough? Would 2GB (rock64) be enough? htop shows 226MB used now. How could I put nextcloud to use all of it? Meaning does nextcloud optimize what is the most used data and fill the ram with it?

sorry, you meant RAM :smiley:

Yeah, 1GB is enough :smiley: :smiley:

yes sorry my bad. :sweat_smile:
That hdparm seems only to control the hdd spinning but how do I maximize the use of ram? Wouldnt that do the trick automaticly? like this:

Put the logs in the ram and like every 2h or so dump them on to the harddrive.
Take the most used user data and store it in ram (ie the 2 databases we need)
And the whole OS with nextcloud stuff also.

Any tips how to accomblish that? :grin: