NextcloudPi App - icon does not link to ncp install

Nextcloud version : 27.3.2
Operating system and version: Debian bookworm (RPIOS bookworm
Apache or nginx version: 2.4.56
PHP version: 8.1.25

The issue you are facing:

I installed ncp and nextcloud through the Raspberry Pi image and have in running well (a bit slow :wink: ) on a RPI4 4GB. I access it through a local custom domain (with a self-generated certificate) and can access nextcloud on https://mydomain and ncp on https://mydomain:4443. That’s great and was pretty easy to install!

I also installed the nextcloudpi-App in nextcloud. My problem is that the app-icon does not point to the ncp-install which is already running. Instead of the ncp install (which is accessible through https://mydomain:4443), I get an empty page with: {"message":"CORS requires basic auth"}. The adress-bar contains https://mydomain/apps/nextcloudpi/

Is there a configuration file, in which I can enter the required link, to which this icon should point - or is there another way to get the “ncp-app-button” open ncp (if necessary a fresh install?). I like the concept of accessing both nc and ncp from the same link.
Thanks for suggestions.

Is this the first time you’ve seen this error?:
I think it’s always been there. It’s not an error, I think, just a missing configuration.

Steps to replicate it:
Press the nextcloudpi button/icon in an install that was started from an RPI-image.

Yes that it is because you don’t have the 4443 port open on your router I think, I am in the same situation. You can open this port but it better less port open outside your internal net

Afaik ncp admin page :4443 is only accessible from within LAN for security reasons.
So one should always use localIP:4443
Best to use ssh and use ncp-config to access from outside.

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I am tryin to access ncp from inside my LAN, and ports can’t be closed, as I can access ncp by running https://mydomain:4443 within the lan - provided the host I am accessing from knows which ip to resolve mydomain to, which - for the time being - I achieve with a manual entry in the hosts file.

However, now that I come to think of it: what kind of link or “connection” does the nextcloudpi app use to access ncp? Does it internally use a http-link, or does it expect ncp to reside in a certain filesystem-position relative to the nextcloud site? I’d expect it to use localhost:4443, which should be domain-name independent. But likely this works in an entirrly different way anyhow?