NextCloudPi and OnlyOffice/Collabora (CODE) Integration Idea/Discussion/Opinion

I have nextcloudpi running on an old laptop with a NFS storage for data. I just love the ease on how this setup works and how easy it is to maintain. This means, in contrary to most (I assume) it is not installed on a Raspberry.

Anyhow the idea could fit others as well. I have read some articles about OnlyOffice as a docker on the same machine as NextCloud, most of them using nginx. I found one using Apache, but the second domain, the letsencrypt stuff and setting up the connection to the onlyoffice docker container from NCP could all done a little easier.

My idea was that the NCP panel gets support to allow connecting to a docker container where the OnlyOffice is running. This would allow RasPi users to deploy the Container anywhere (NAS, another PC etc) and NextCloudPi config is handling the additional needed domain (if needed), the port forwarding / dnsmasquereding if used and configuring NextCloud to have everything in place forwarding requests to the specific container.

From what I have seen, this should be doable, the configuration seems not that hard itself. Why I haven’t yet done it manually, because I do not want to break the NextCloudPi setup when changing something manually - it just runs so smooth - and upgrades just work :wink: that I couldn’t be happier.

What do you think, is this something of interest. Could this be done with NextCloudPi Panel and configuration to let the “instance” connect to an onlyoffice instance / docker and handling the rest (certs, nc config etc)?

Well, that sounds great. Please, send a PR and I will merge it right away!


I think his point was that he can’t do it because he is afraid to try and then break his system…I’m not a techy person, but I was sadly disappointed when I found out that nextcloud setup was not as straight forward as some folks made it seem…and that it isn’t a true competitor to full digital cloud office suits like google drive (which bakes in google docs, spreadsheets, etc).

If we are to really “save people” from these big companies- more effort should be made to integrate, and dare I say automate, services like onlyoffice.

I eventually want to do video chats with my family via NC but the pi was not powerful enough. I wonder if the project is mature enough to rebrand NC Express - to signify ease of setup…and just feature NCP as its mainline offering. Sorry, just thinking out loud.

and @nachoparker point was that he will be happy to help.

if you have a technical problem with nextcloudpi i recommend asking the guys on telegram.

They are the most helpful folk [as well as the folk from Linux Mint]

Honestly, I am so happy that I found NCP (I tested other ways of NC installation as well), because otherwise I would not be able to run a nice NC setup but using @nachoparker script on my Debian system this was so hazzle free. I also realized that if I make changes outside of the NCP scope some of the changes do get overwritten after an upgrade and the information just does not get backed up.

Therefor, I would just love to see some “easy” OnlyOffice or Collabora integration in NCP
I have some friends already who are using NCP on NUCs, Laptops and other old hardware because it is just hazzle free and in contrary to the official VM install script, has a nice management WebUI and they can just use there setup easily if they would go with NCP docker or NCP on ARM

Anyhow, what is missing is a way of getting the office thingy to work and honestly - this is far out of my comfort zone :frowning:

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I have setup CODE on my machine successfully.
The things I see, needing integration on NCP

  • additional SSL certificate for CODE or OnlyOffice
  • autorenew of the domain and certificate
  • internal resolution of the domain name to the IP of the office installation
  • enabling some additional modules for apache2
  • adding apache sites for the office domain on port 80 and 443
  • blanking the website of the default document root (or create a redirect site to main nextcloud domain)
  • integrating the admin interface if collabora is used in ncp admin

I am now running collabora on the same machine as nextcloud (installed using the ncp script on a laptop) using docker.

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Would you please share the details of the steps.
I’d be interested, and we can assume that it would be useful to others too. :sunglasses:

The wiki pages are open for contribution. And PR’s are most welcome.
Thank you


I will summarize my doings, and keep you updated as soon as I have all put together.

still waiting…

very true, I try to get the done this week.

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what about this?
also I found docker installations both only office and next cloud together…

I used

It was German at the beginning, therefor I thought it makes sense to adapt the guide, now its English and should be fine to use for most users.

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Too hard for me, I guess.
So this is not onlyoficce, its Collabora on line…