NextcloudPi 13.0.1 How to configure FTP-Server and integrate Fileaccess in Nextcloud?

Is it possible to access nc-datadir via ftp? I have a IP-Cam witch only can store Alarm-Videos via ftp on a external FTP-Server. WEBDAV is not avaiable.
I can connect my my PI3 b with nextcloudpi 13.0.1 installed as user pi but “pi” can’t access " /media/USBdrive/ncdata".
I don’t know, witch FTP-Server is installed but there is no vsftp.conf in /etc/…

The Idea is to add a ftp-user “ip-cam” and to create a ftp-target-directory in witch the pictures and videos were stored by the Cam automatcaly. I want to include this directory in NC via external Storage-Support-App to view the files from everywhere…

Unfortunately, I am an absolute beginner with raspian linux and PI.

Can anybody help me to configure that?

You can mount your ftp folder via Webdav:

Paperless Home (Letters, Bills):

I use this to scan documents into my Cloud. I have created a new user (in my case a Scanbot) which will become all files from ftp (mounted directly to webdav) and share it to me. So all will be save :slight_smile:

In the german article is another to an english article, I hope this will helps you :wink:

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