NextcloudCMD verbosity

I have installed Nextcloud on a server and various clients. I really like nextcloudcmd (almost the only reason why I have the server). However, I may have missed it but is there a way to adjust verbosity? It is either completely silent or very verbose. I would love to have just a basic list of operations like:

file1 … downloaded
file2 … uploaded
file3 … renamed from xxx


Probably we should add a verbosity level (-v, -vv). Normally you are not interested in
-OCC::JsonApiJob created
-The exclude load
-File Discovery
-Post reconcile
…and so on.
-!!! OCC::GETFileJob created for…
-"DELETE FROM downloadinfo WHERE
-void OCC::SyncJournalDb::commitInternal(const QString&, bool) Transaction commit “All Finished.”
(and the same for Uploads) and errors like running out of space seems to be interesting.

I tried to use a pipe and exclude this lines, but the pipe has not working. All output was still showed.