Nextcloudbox wont start

Hi, i have build my nextcloudbox following the diagram. I coneccted it with my and pluged in the power. The box startet with a red led on Raspi and and a blicking white led on the hdd. But this status will never change. I started wondering so I tested the sd-card on my laptop and tryed like “how to restart from scratch” tells me. But the cmdline.txt wasn´t even altered so there was no change to be made …
I also tested the hdd with a tool from WD - all good.

I have no idea what to try next - can someone please give me a hint? - Thanks!

How long did you wait before turning it off and checking everything over? If it was less than 10 mins it likely wasn’t ready yet.

I waited almost half an hour.

@oparoz is there any output over HDMI while the NCB sets itself up?

Just a Rainbow colored screen .

HDMI should work. Maybe the Pi is defective?

If there were a Image to download, I could try with another os like raspberian, but there is non. So I need to bye an other sd card to check this out?

Indeed, the image isn’t available yet so if you blow it away you’ll have to rebuild it manually using snappy core or raspian.

No idea where you are, but in the UK microSD cards are cheap. Depends what you want to do.

No, you can also put the SD card into your computer and save the current image into a file on your hard disk. Then you can install a different image and test your RPi and later play the image back to your SD card.

Or that too. :flushed: