Nextcloud восстановление

Good time of day !
Please help me with the restoration of Nextcloud. An ubuntu-20.04 server is installed on the Hyper-V VM.Nextcloud is installed on it. On hyper-v, instead of the “Checkpoint” button, I clicked the “undo changes” button and then rebooted the VM. The files that were in Nextcloud disappeared, appeared uploaded only until October 2020. Please tell me how you can return the rest?

First you should check if the files still exist on the hard disk, because Nextcloud only shows the content of a database table and not the hard disk content, If the files still exist, you can use the occ command line tool and force a rescan of the file system, which will update the database table (./occ files:scan ...). If the files doesn’t exist anymore you need to use one of your regular backups to restore the data :wink: