Nextcloud & z-push - Update to 18.0.4 tells me Username or Password incorrect


I updated nextcloud today to 18.0.4. Since that update I have massive problems synchronizing my data with any devices. This does not impact the android or iOS clients but I have ActiveSync installed on my server through the open source project z-push. I use that protocol to push any change (contact, calendar or mail) between clients and server. With 18.0.3 everything was working fine but with 18.0.4 I suddenly get the error message

BackendCalDAV->Logon(): User 'MyUser' is not authenticated on CalDAV 'https://localhost:443/nextcloud/remote.php/dav/calendars/MyUser/'

That error message makes absolutely no sense as I use the same credentials to log onto the nextcloud web front end which works perfectly fine. I tested all three backends that I configured with these credentials, imap, caldav, carddav. I do not even know where to look anymore.

Can anybody help with this issue?

Thank you.



I hope someone from your side will read this. I figured out that it was nextcloud 18.0.4 that causes the issue. Once I reverted back to 18.0.3 everything worked fine again. PLEASE have a look and fix whatever it is you changed. I really want to be able to get updates through the STABLE channel but 18.0.4 definitely has a bug that prevents synchronizing/access the webdav interface properly. I am using your product since version 14 and never had any issues like this.

Please feel free to reach out. I am more than happy to help identify the bug.



You can try to file an issue with the info you have on - a developer or contributor might have an idea what caused it and can (help) identify a fix or at least root cause. Good luck!