Nextcloud/Wordpress/Rocket.Chat/Drupal/Grav/Bookstack/Joomla/Wallabag - up & running in 30 min

Hi all,

my third ansible playbook is kind of ready. It will be always work in progress. The list of possible apps to integrate is endless and constantly growing…

This time the playbook is more a kind of a framework to setup your (or my) favorite selfhosted apps in a docker environment. It’s right now single server only. So no multi tier or HA enterprise ready setup.

Checkout the for more details.

You need a basic understanding of docker and the apps you want to roll out. This playbook is only meant to save you all the copy&paste from the how to pages.

You also need a DNS A record for each app you want to run. It doesn’t work with IP addresses (that is to say I didn’t test it) and can’t run the apps in subdirectories. Yet.

If you miss any app I accept MRs. :wink: Config enhancement and tuning tipps are also welcome.