Nextcloud won't start

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Nextcloud version (eg, 20.0.5)
Operating system and version _VM on QNAP

The issue you are facing:
Unable to run Nextcloud getting a general error (see screenshot below)

Is this the first time you’ve seen this error? Y

Steps to replicate it:

  1. Reset QNAP
  2. Log in - run the URL and not running then go to Virtualisatin Station tto see that the Nextcloud indtalation is suspended, won;t start from any state

Unable to access the Apache page to get script/error logs

@digitalgerry Have you some logs for nextcloud error or apache error ?

I can’t access the apache in VM as the VM wont start

If there’s a way of getting these - let me know and I will post

Hey @digitalgerry

Please could you try the following steps and see if this solves the problem? (Please make a note of any manually entered details, in case you want these added after these steps)

  1. Shutdown VM (I assume it’s already down if you’re not able to start)
  2. Open the settings of your VM
  3. Go to Settings, then network
  4. Copy the MAC Address of the Interface(s) and write down Switch-Nr., maybe model type as well
  5. Delete the Network interface(s) (all of them)
  6. Click Apply
  7. Re-Add Network interface(s) again

Please add any information to the interface(s), you previously copied

Now click on Apply and try starting your VM again.

Hi thanks Chris
Th VM is not running so this is what I’m seeing in network settings can you advise as no option to delete


There are three little dots at the end of each interface. If you click on those, it should give you a delete option.

Edit: Just remember to make a copy of the current configuration as mentioned in the above steps, just in case you need to put those back in afterwards :slight_smile:

Forgot to post those photos but there is no delete option.

That’s weird :thinking:

What options have you got, when you select “Virtual Switch”?

This : and clicked everything no options

Hold on, that looks like the settings of your QNAP? Can you go back to your VM and click on settings?

Hi - this might be easier if we do this over zoom or:

I’ve worked it out.
I was hardening the security - of which one is to disbale the amdin role, and of course there were no suers - it was when you said send a shot of the stting I noticed no user!

One for people to note! A simple change that caused me hours of headaches.
Thanks for your input