Nextcloud wizard does not work/appear

After completing the installation steps, I do not have the installation wizard at the assigned IP address. I do see the Apache default page. Where do I start to troubleshoot. I have changed the file ownership and modified the php. I am using a physical server.

What “installations steps” exactly did you complete?

Did you create the apache configuration file pointing to the directory where you installed your nextcloud like described → here ← ?

In your apache2 configuration.

What do you understand under “modified”?

That information is absolutely worthless without specifying the operating system running on it.

Much and good luck,

I have completed the steps in the guide up to and including Installation on Linux.


Yes, I did compete the apache configuration file, I was not getting the landing page until I fixed this file.

Anything specific that is a common mistake in the apache2 file configuration? I copied it from the installation guide. and made the changes for my domain name.

I changed the php file as directed in the installation guide.

Ubuntu 22.04