Nextcloud with VMware UAG (unified access gateway) as reverse proxy

Hello Team,

i have deployed NextCloud on Ubuntu 20.20. it works fine when accessing local address.
However, when i publish it through VMware UAG, web page became broken. some of the functions are missing, unable to preview pictures and much more.

this happens when accessing NextCloud through UAG, even on local network.
i have modified /config/config.php as per guide for reverse proxy…

Does anyone encountered such behavior?

Best regards,

The UAG can be a PITA at times (we use it only for Horizon nowadays)…

If your webserver is nginx, have a look at this (it helped me at some point)

Hello Henry,

my web server for nextcloud is apache2. i have went through config/config.php to add relevant lines for reverse proxy, still site is half broken.

Best regards.

I am having the same issue with UAG. Did you ever find a solution for this? Maybe something to do with the proxy pattern?