Nextcloud with redis on RHEL using php7 from Software Collections


I have been given an existing Owncloud 9.1 install and have been asked to upgrade it to Nextcloud. My first step is to get a new install of Nextcloud working. We use RHEL here, so I am attempting to stay with official Red Hat packages and using Software Collections to get PHP 7, per this doc:

Following that doc, I have Nextcloud (11.0.8, in this case) up and running. My problem is that I have been unable to get Redis working. There is a Redis 3.2 package in SCL, which I have installed, however there is NOT and PHP7 module to work with it. After I install and configure Redis, I this message instead of the login page:

 Memcache \OC\Memcache\Redis not available for distributed cache Is the matching PHP module installed and enabled?

According to Red Hat “There are no plans to add the redis extension at this time, since we don’t think the upstream extension is of suitable quality to support.”

What are my options here?

There is a PHP Module in SCL for APCu; can I use that instead? Our install is about 800 users with 7TB of data in a 6 server cluster. The recommendation in the Nextcloud docs is to use Redis for that, but it doesn’t say what would happen if I used APCu.

I think APCu is only local. And you can’t to file-locking-cache with it. So I wouldn’t consider this an option. Regarding php + redis on your system, the RH community has probably more expertise than this forum.

Since testing different options is probably not a suitable option for you, you could consider enterprise support, they have the best experience when it comes to multi-server setups.

If you are interested in multi-server setups, you’ll find a few conference contributions on youtube, perhaps this gives you a few ideas (more rough ideas about the basic structure of the setup).