Nextcloud with Picdrop traffic light function

I am a Photographer and i am using Nextcloud to share Photos for my customers. I like nextcloud, but sometimes i miss a function like a “traffic light choosing system” for my customers just like in Picdrop where the customer can choose wich Photo he likes and wich he does not like. It would be much easier for me. Is there already a solution or an app?
I am excited for your answers

I don’t think there is something like that in the Gallery app for external shares yet, but a rating option (with 5 stars for example) would be quite useful for other users as well. Users can at least mark their favorites with a star already for themselves if logged in.

You could create a feature request here:

Something close to what you would like was already requested here, but files shared by link would need such an option as well:

did you consider using tags for this?