Nextcloud with Object Storage Shared Group folders don't appear under "Shared with you" or inside Shared folder

I installed nextcloud 19.0.4 new installation with Object storage.
I updated the config.php to create “Sharedby” folder as a root shared folder.

I installed the “Group Folders” app to share the folders and files with the group.
I created a group folder called “Cloud Migration” and assigned to "Cloud Migration"group and added related users to this group.

When I tried to share personal files each other, shared files/folders are able to see under “Shared with you” and ïnside “Sharedby” folder.

When I tried to share the files/folder inside “Cloud Migration” group folder to specific users, shared files/folders do not appear under “Shared with you” and inside “Sharedby” folder.
User is only able to see shared files/folder under “Cloud Migration” Group folder.

NC with object storage
From User: thet thet

From User: opi



I repeated the same process on the other server and I used only local storage instead of Object storage.
It’s working fine and I can see all shared folders/files whether personal file sharing or files under the group folder.

From user: thet thet

From user: opi

May I know any advice to change for the Object storage setting to appear the group shared folders inside “Shareby” folder.

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