Nextcloud with cloudflare SSL, loading slow and lost packets


I’m using cloudflare for my domain and also cloudflare SSL cerificate (free).

If I’m accessing my nextcloud server from local LAN via local IP or from outside LAN but using another domain (that is also pointing to my server, with a SSL warning of course - because I’m using cloudflare certificate), the server is answering OK, so it seems all nextcloud configs are OK.

If I’m accessing the server via the designated domain (the one registered in cloudflare), my nextcloud server is answering normally (without SSL warning) BUT extremely slow, and some parts/pictures does not load completely. I need to send several refresh commands until a page is completely loaded.

I’m using port 2053 for secure access (2053 mapped to 443 in my router).

Any idea?

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Still no solution until now.

I really cannot understand where is the problem, as any other way to access my nextcloud server is ok, except via cloudflare registered domain.

I have just a little better results with page rule “cache: bypass”, but still with lost packets. Every refresh/reload gives other missing parts, until a complete page (not always succeed to load full page)

Unfortunately, I use (for the moment) cloudflare SSL certificate, so I cannot test with pause on cloudflare.

Any idea please?

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I haven’t seen this personally, but is your nextcloud server behind a reverse proxy? I’m wondering if there’s any tuning that could be done there.

No, no reverse proxy.

I’m thinking maybe it’s some sort of incompatibility between redis cache set via config.php (standard settings) and cloudflare cache.

Anyway, with cache disabled (via page rules in cloudflare) still all the pages of nextcloud web are loading slow and partially.

I think I need to replace cloudflare’s SSL certificates.

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Maybe some more info could be of use for someone able to help me:

I have several 522 partially messages, identified via dev tools in chrome (it’s not a general 522) and these errors does not appear when my nextcloud server is accessed via a different domain pointing to the same external IP or if accessed via the external IP directly (with SSL warning of course).

The pages are completely loaded with normal speed when my nextcloud server is accessed via a different domain pointing to the same external IP or if accessed via the external IP directly.

The problem arise only if accessed via protected by cloudflare domain. Several successive reload/refresh commands usually complete the page.

I’ve attached 2 screen captures, one if accessed via registered and protected by cloudflare domain, the other if accessed via external IP directly. Both captures are made from clean incognito chrome.

Here is the first capture (via cloudflare):

And here is the second capture (via external IP):

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Maybe the most relevant situation:

  1. Edge certificates from cloudflare

  2. Encryption set to Full (not strict)

  3. Domain unproxied in DNS

  4. In browser with warning

and surprise: nextcloud pages are loaded normally, with normal speed and complete.

On the contrary, If the domain is set in DNS with proxy, browser says it’s a secure connection (without warning) BUT the nextcloud pages are loaded only partially and very slow.

Really no idea what to try, I’ve tried all the possible settings I could think about…

It seems that there is a conclusion:

Cloudflare throttle connections to Nextcloud (and similar apps, Plex could be an example) because of the infringement of Terms of Service. They does not accept a lot of pictures and movies (even small ones) to be sent/received via their CDN (but only if on a paid plan). I’m using Nextcloud to backup my phones media.

Usually, it seems that if there is a let’s encrypt ssl certificate on Nextcloud, or anything else certificate except cloudflare’s ssl certificate, throttling is not so aggressive, but with cloudflare’s ssl certificate, the speed is very slow.