NextCloud Windows on Docker Drive Path (fresh install + new directory)

Hey guys, this probably has been asked before but I really could not find a guide on how to do it step by step. I’m a complete noob at this and right now I have Nextcloud installed in Windows 11 via Docker. It works fine. The problem is, it looks like the directory, storage or what you call it, is in my boot drive or Drive C: since there’s only 200gb storage. My actual storage is a raid 5 with 4TB available storage.

Edit: I’m also happy to just add my drive D as an external storage in Nextcloud. I just do not know how to mount it, set permissions, and etc to docker/nextcloud and add it as a folder in nextcloud

1st problem: I could not find exact steps on how to move the directory to another HDD in my system and I’ve been seeing a few warnings that doing that could cause problems.

2nd problem: I am more than happy to do a fresh install of nextcloud since I’ve seen this thread. Basically recommending a fresh install of Nextcloud and to specify the directory during the installation. The problem is, I do not know nor could find any documentation on how to specify it during installation. Most threads I’ve seen are for systems running on ubuntu or something linux based which I assume does not apply to some extent for this case.

Main ask - if anyone has an idea on how to do a fresh install + specify new directory/hdd, I would really owe you one. I have been reading threads and documentation for three days now without luck.

As noted in the header, my HowTo applies to native Nextcloud instances only, no appliances/containers. Check the docs for your Docker appliance with should answer your question.