Nextcloud Windows Icon Overlays

you all probably heard about the Windows issue, that only 11 shell overlay icons at a time are displayed.
I wrote a little script to make the NC overlays appear if they are not visible jet. It should work on every Windows PC and I would love if someone tried it :slight_smile:
Today I recognized that the Overlays were changed by the NC Team, so I made it work for the old and the new version.

My code is FAR from perfect, this is my first Batchfile, so feel free to suggest corrections/improvements.
It would be possible to write that code much more compact I think, but my lack of Batch knowledge and some unexpected behaviour of simpler versions brought me to this result:

GitHub - iPwnWolf/Nextcloud-Shell-Overlays: Pushing Nextcloud Registry Keys to the top to enable shell Overlays on windows

Hope it works well for you, maybe report if it did or didn’t :slight_smile:

Also why is that not implemented in the Nextcloud Windows Client installation?
It’s an common issue which I read a lot about and OneDrive for example does that too.
In fact, if you use my script OneDrive will send a notification in Windows that their icons need to be updated. If you click on it they immediately execute their own script to push their icons on top.

The icon war has to stop haha
Cheers Simon