Nextcloud Windows client - sync activity in system tray not readable/cut off

I wonder if it is an individual configuration problem on my Windows machine or a design flaw: When accessing the short log of most recent sync activities via the tray icon (green checkmark) the significant part of the content is cut off:

The problem might be more noticeable on my German system because in German the verb comes last in the sentence. So in the example of the above screenshot I can tell wich contact has been concerned by an action, but not what the action was. “You have uploaded/downloaded/deleted/… the contact xyz” is in German “Du hast den Kontakt xyz hochgeladen/heruntergeladen/gelöscht/…”

Is there any way

  • to make the font size smaller
  • to make the text wrap
  • or to access the log anywhere else on my computer or on the web interface?

I have found a log containing file upload/load activities, but it doesn’t contain the messages displayed here.

Best regards

Nextcloud version 3.4.1 (Windows)
Operating system Windows 11 Pro 10.022621
Screen resolution: 1920x1200 (24"), scaling: 100%

I’m just wondering, even in English you’d have the part with “You have …” that does not contain any useful information. Knowing that the message is cut off, it would be important to structure the message differently: New contact xyz added, or Added/changed/deleted contact xyz

You can check the activity app for the messages in the web-interface.
Changing the desktop client is more difficult, for the font size and type there are the system settings involved, …

In the end probably something that needs to be pushed to the desktop developers or even further for the whole structuring of the notification messages. That we have some guidelines that essential information should be within the first x characters.

@rakekniven not sure if you already came across this problem with the translations?

Please try the latest client version.
On my v3.8.0 the issue does not exists because it looks different.

That was it, thank you! With v. 3.8 the font is much smaller and everything is readable.
Seemingly the Windows client not always checks for updates automatically.

Now in my particular setup there is one more problem: I usually have the taskbar on the left hand side of the screen. (For the screenshot in my first post I changed this to match everybody else’s standard configuration.) In this case the left part of the flyout (or popup or whatever it is called) is covered by the taskbar. The flyout is flush with the edge of the screen and doesn’t check if there is a taskbar in it’s way.

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