NextCloud Windows client creates useless and annoying desktop icons

Hello everyone,

I have noticed that NC 19.0 windows client creates useless and annoying desktop icons. Their names correspond to the names of sync folders, but:

  1. You cannot open them as neither double click nor explicit “Open” do nothing;
  2. “Properties” pop up an error window that claims: “The properties for this item are not available.”;
  3. You cannot delete them either;
  4. On unknown reason they change their position on the desktop if desktop icons are arranged automatically (they jump to the top of the list).

My question is: why do you create them?

Next “beauty”:

  1. I untag a subfolder from sync;
  2. I go to NextCloud and remove that subfolder;
  3. I return to the client and try to expand that subfolder with a triangle arrow on the left (the original subfolder still exists on my computer);
  4. The result is this:

c0000005 is access violation – using a pointer that points to nowhere.

Kind regards, Vadim.

I have exactly the same problem and no solution (Windows 7, NextCloud client 3.0.3).