Nextcloud WebInterface with TheGoodCloud as Provider

Hi there, I am new with Nextcloud, sorry if this is a very basic question. I registered with Nextcloud and chose TheGoodCloud as Provider (free account). When I log in, I can only see a TheGoodCloud-WebInterface and not the NextcloudInterface. With the menu I see, there is no “+Apps” option and I am not able to enable the calendar application.
Is this because I only have a free account? Or because I am using TheGoodCloud as provider?
Am I missing something?
A hint would be very much appreciated, thank you so much!

hey @Jane and welcome to the forums.

thanks for your first participation here.

you signed up with a provider… for free. which means: the provider defines what’s possible and what not with “your” nextcloud. as a matter of fact… it really isn’t “yours” - it’s still theirs and you are just a user of it. and of course you can’t install your own apps there… no “user” is able doing that. and maybe the goodcloud even diabled the calendar for their free-users (i dunno).

so maybe you either want to talk to them to grant you access to a calendar (which most prolly would make you pay for this service) or you’d try another (free-)hoster from the list.

good luck

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Hi Jimmy, thank you for the welcome and for taking the time! That makes it a lot clearer. So if I wanted to use the nextcloud-calendar-app from the nextcloud store, I first would have to provide my own server first?

Have your own server or signup with another provider serving he calendar app in the free account…

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Thank you! :slight_smile:

Hi Jane,

Jimmy is essentially correct, as stated in out faq section here:

You can sign up for a free account using Nextclouds simple signup program here. Our free hosting does have some limitations and stricter settings then are the default for our paid subscriptions.

One of the restrictions is that you can’t add any apps to the free environment. Which is basicly because it’s a shared environment and we have to restrict settings and options to avoid abuse (which we found out the hard way).

We tried to add lots of apps to the free environment but found out most of the apps from the store aren’t suitable for a shared environment and for example leak usernames (and in the free environment username=emailadress, which is an extra privacy concern). As a preferred Nextcloud partner we asked guidance grom Nextcloud GmbH, but as it seems we can’t do much (although some) about these issues.

Having said that though, all these problems mostly go away in a paid environment as you get a dedicated instance as there are no other users on your dedicated instance to leak to.

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