Nextcloud web-interface too slow

This is me first time trying Nextcloud and my impression is Nextcloud is somehow slow. To be honest, annoyingly slow. Whatever I click in web-interface, I have to wait a few seconds till I see something. Even the front login page takes ~5 seconds to show. Is this normal?

My VPS (kvm) has 2 cores of E5-2643, 4GB ram (plus 4GB swap), 50GB ssd and full speed 1gbit eth. Software-side it is debian 10 with mariadb and nginx. I think it should be enough to play around a little with Nextcloud. It is basically nothing more than empty Nextcloud installation, with two users, no files uploaded, no addon-apps.

Admin-page shows no warning. I use only local storage, previews are disabled, PHP-caching is active (OPcache, APCu for local and Redis for file locking). For php I increased memory to 512MB and increased number of start/spare php-fpm servers to 10. All processes together are using ~700MB of RAM, ~2GB for buffers/cache, rest is free. Load is 0.03/0.03/0.00. Disk i/o is ~150MB/s. Connection to my VPS is good, with no packet loss (100mbit/optic, but I also tested 80/30mbit LTE).

Just for comparison: I have one more VPS-2 with exactly the same HW-configuration, the same location and provider, with a few web-sites running Drupal (definitely not light-weight CMS). Compared to Nextcloud it is blazingly fast! I even switched Nextcloud from VPS-1 to VPS-2 to see if there is any difference, but none I could observe.

So why is Nextcloud web-interface so slow, and what can I do to improve it?

If you’ve eliminated the hardware as a possibility, and we know this isn’t normal behavior for Nextcloud, and you presumably don’t have a slow/problematic connection on your client end, then by process of elimination this is probably a configuration issue.

I’m not an nginx user, I don’t mean to point fingers, there are plenty of nginx setups that run fine… but I will say I have personally noticed a pattern of people reporting performance issues and using nginx in some fashion.

If you’re not averse to trying something a little different, I would suggest trying Apache, or using Docker. I wrote a guide for doing a Docker setup on Ubuntu, but I expect it would adapt easily to Debian.

Just for comparison, I installed Nextcloud on one more VPS, with even better HW (8GB ram, 4x cpu, 200GB ssd/nvme). I followed Nextcloud admin-guide step by step, included all tweaks for php/mariadb/nginx mentioned there. And the overall speed/responsiveness is about the same: web-interface is annoyingly slow. I do not know what to do more. Apparently I’m not using HW effectively, as cpus are mostly sitting idle and 6 out of 8GB ram is free.

Is there some Nextcloud performance/tuning guide?
Any tips for mariadb/mysql tunning?
What default apps/modules could I disable to increase overall performance?

If few seconds means 1-2-3, then I have the same. I consider it normal…

I have a few WordPress server sitting right next to Nextcloud. Their web interface IS more responsive… Maybe twice…

All those servers run on my own VMware cluster in a university setting…

Is mariadb local or networked? Are you using php-fpm?

Mariadb is local. I’m using php-fpm with 120/12/6/18 servers (max/start/minspare/maxspare) and 512M memory limit.

With “slow”, I mean I have to wait 4-5 seconds just to get the login-page. And after I log in, everything is even slower. Sometimes I press “reload” after 10 seconds when I’m sick of waiting any longer. By far the slowest web I have ever seen…

As I mentioned before, since we know this isn’t normal behavior, and the hardware has been eliminated, it’s most likely a configuration issue of some kind.

If you still want to troubleshoot it, why don’t you set one up using Docker following my guide? I have set up several running in VMware ESXi using that process and haven’t had the problem you describe on any of them.

That is definitely not common…

That I noticed a few times. After pressing login it takes a while…
Reload helps… I think it has to do with browser cache…

Good thing you haven’t used v.17…
Logging off on some browsers took 10-15 seconds…:slight_smile:

Do you have the App Files access control installed? We noticed the app generates a lot of error messages and slows down the web interface. After removing (not only disabling) the app the error messages were gone and the web interface was a lot snappier again. Maybe that will help you too.

Files access control version 1.9.1 & 1.10.0

See: Flow activation: rules were requested for operation Block

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