Nextcloud was hang after scan by software

Hello Support,

Per I have installed Nextcloud on our server.

OS - CentOS 7

NC version -

After install seems everything look great!!

But our security department need to scan for security, we using the software “Acunetix”

During time for scan the Nextcloud was hang, It need to restart nginx, php-fpm services.

So… How can we adjust some config for NC? like nginx config, php config etc.

Please feel free to let us know if you have any recommendation.

Thank you in advance.

Do you have more details on which tests your server hung? Any errors at this time in your logs? You find some general tips on the documentation, then there is probably a bit of tuning from your side.

@LukasReschke did you use such software to check the security?

Thanks for your reply.

So we’re using Acunetix software for scan, during time for scanning the nextcloud page showing error 504

Seems the issue occurs caused from php and nginx cached?

feel free to let me know you someone have any recommendation.